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How circular business models can be implemented and opportunities for bilateral extension of business in the context.

Case Study

Circular Economy across industries through case study, best practices, collaboration and shared knowledge.

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Janez Potočnik

Janez Potočnik on the Circular Economy Part 1

In a four-part video series made up of short lessons, thoughts…
Konferenca v Bruslju

European Commission hosts Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference

The Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee…
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Krožno gospodarstvo kot ključ

Potencial gradbene panoge v Evropi do leta 2025 je ocenjen na…
Was passiert, wenn der Müll wieder entladen wird

Neue Müll-Plattform für Europa

Die EU will regeln, wie möglichst viel Abfall in Recycling-Anlagen…
Ljubljana je vzor krožnega gospodarstva v EU

Ljubljana: vzor krožnega gospodarstva v EU

Na Deležniški konferenci o krožnem gospodarstvu v Bruslju,…
Brenda King

Drugi dan deležniške konference o krožnem gospodarstvu v Bruslju

Zagon vseevropske platforme za krožno gospodarstvo   Drugi…

Druga deležniška konferenca o krožnem gospodarstvu v Bruslju

Za uspešno krožno tranzicijo potrebujemo vključenost od…

More Plastic than Fish in the Ocean by 2050

Terrifying indication: on the current track, oceans will contain…


Benefits for European businesses, industries, and citizens

The Circular economy offers an opportunity to reinvent our economy, making it more sustainable and competitive.