Your trash is my treasure - Do you know project MOVECO?


What do toothbrushes, PU foam cans and old beverage cartons have in common? They are three out of the nine best practice examples of the circular economy presented by the European project MOVECO in its new brochure. They serve as models for companies and encourage them to engage with the circular economy: closing material cycles, avoiding waste, using secondary raw materials, protecting resources – while at the same time saving money or developing new business ideas.

Funded in the framework of the European Union’s Interreg Danube Transnational ProgrammeMOVECO is a project that raises awareness of the circular economy among companies, research institutions, public authorities, economic development institutions and citizens. Since December 2016, twelve project partners and four strategic partners from ten countries have been working together to promote knowledge about the circular economy and to improve the framework conditions for circular products and business models in the Danube region. The project is coordinated by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The MOVECO teams has recently also produced a video asking European citizens about what the circular economy means to them. Among the interviewed is also CC’s Director Ladeja Godina Košir (at 10’46”):

For all who wish to know more about MOVECO, we recommend watching this exciting 12-minute long video, which explains the goals and approaches used by the project partners: