Vote for the Popular Choice Award at ICLEI Montreal and MIT Climate Colab's Sponsored Competition


The ICLEI World Congress 2018 in Montreal is fast approaching. CC’s Director Ladeja was invited to join the panel of judges who will select the winner of the international contest co-organised by ICLEI, Ville de Montréal and MIT’s Climate CoLab with the purpose of generating innovative solutions that could facilitate the transition of cities and neighbourhoods towards a circular economy.

The two highly innovative projects that were selected as finalists are:

RecyApp / RecyApp, making comunnity

Aquaponic roof farming towards SDGs 2, 11 and 16

Both Finalists are eligible to receive the Popular Choice Award. The Popular Choice Award Winner is the proposal that will receive the most votes during the public voting period, from May 14 to June 15.

Visit the event website to have a look at the preliminary program and/or register for the event.