Lessons in Circularity: Workshops at the 3rd Annual Circular Change Conference


The summer is here and we are still thinking about the wonderful time we had discussing the future of the circular economy together with our guests and speakers at Friday’s workshop session at the 3rd Circular Change Conference. 

Guests had the opportunity to take part in 5 different workshops centered around engaging and innovative circular economy topics. Each one was led by a team of international speakers coming from various backgrounds: from researchers to CEOs! 

For those who missed the workshops, we present a short report on each workshop:

Circular Cities & Smart Villages

Led by: Dr. Emilija Stojmenova Duh, Janja Kreitmayer McKenzie, Igor Kos, Andrej Žižek, Blaž Golob and Dr. Dario Sciunnach

During Circular Cities & Smart Villages, the speakers emphasized what cities are doing/what they need to do for a green future and what the realistic goals can be. The main topics of the presentations included waste management, green/smart mobility, closed loops, and technology. In addition, the workshop discussed good practices currently in place from cities around Europe.


Circular Culture & Circular Networks

Led by: Ladeja Godina Košir, Kari Herlevi, Peter Schmidt, Julika Dittrich, Gina Wu Lee, Harald Friedl and Michiel Frenaij

Through an open interactive group discussion, participants learned in-depth knowledge about the many sides of the circular economy including topics from circular culture to creating a network of networks (CC’s top secret project!). The group also discussed the importance of open communication and how to maintain it going forward.


With Blockchains Towards Circularity - Enabling Circularity: The Case for Blockchain

Led by: Carlos Alvarez Pereira and Tadej Slapnik

In this highly anticipated session, led by two distinguished speakers, a topic that is on everyone’s tongue was discussed: unlocking the potential of blockchain technologies to enable the circular transition and enhance social progress. State Secretary Tadej Slapnik contributed to the workshop by addressing the use of blockchain technology in the Slovene Government and in Slovene startup companies.


Circular Materials

Led by: Jan Noordegraaf, Dr. Dragica Marinič, Dr. Draško Veselinovič, and Valerie Boiten

The Circular Materials workshop was focused on the PolyStyreneLoop project. The presentation covered the Slovene authorities support for the project and the benefits of EPS especially its recyclability. In addition, the workshop focused on bringing awareness to the project to increase the chances of cooperation between parties.


Circular Measurement Interactive Session

Led by: Brendan Edgerton, Elena Giotto, Irina van der Hoorn, and Timotej Šooš

The aim of the Circular Measurement Interactive Session was to focus on the connection between policies and metrics and the Circular Economy. The session involved presentations from the speakers including two main topics which were the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Factor10, as well as, a debate with the participants.