DOBA Business School Has Its Sight Set on the Future With the New Management of Smart Cities Master's Programme


An exclusive master’s programme for managing and governing smart cities and communities.

Our partners at DOBA Business School (Maribor, Slovenia) have launched a ground-breaking new master’s programme in Management of Smart Cities, the first of its kind in Slovenia. 

A truly smart city is also a circular one – that is why CC Is working together with DOBA to ensure that students hear about the latest trends in circular city management and. 

Professor Anita Maček, Phd will present the programme, currently gathering application for its 2nd year of running, at the Smart cities and villages workshop at the 3rd Circular Change Conference in Maribor, May 11th. 

A visionary career choice

Cities and communities are the main venues of key challenges of modern times. We have to understand those challenges and poses the knowledge to solve them. Those solutions must include citizens, enhance sustainable development and quality of life.

The programme is designed for those who work in public administration, municipalities, local communities, for all who help provide smart services and for those who work in companies and see business opportunities in the field of smart cities.

During the programme students will develop competencies such as strategic management and leadership, advanced technologies, generation and managing innovation, global and sustainable development, communication and participation, as well as team work.

More information about the programme is available at

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