Digitalisation and Sustainability - Exploration Goes on at WRF in Geneva!


On Tuesday, 24 October, we will open a challenging discussion on ICT applications in the context of a shift towards more sustainable, circular economy. What is the contribution of solutions like Uber, FB, AI, blockchain technologies… Which particular mindset and framing has been used for the design? What is the specific outcome of this ICT applications? What are the externalities? How about ecological footprint? Do we meet SDG with existing solutions? The goal of this workshop is to ignite a community of interested parties, who work on interdisciplinary research and action agendas, and to enable the alignment of digital technologies with the goals of sustainable development.

So, we are inviting you to the  “Digital for Sustainability – In Need of a Disruptive Research Agenda” workshop. This event will be organized during the World Resources Forum on Tuesday 24th October 2017 in Geneva.

Tin and Iza