Co-creating circular solutions with the youth for a greener, more sustainable City of Ljubljana


Circular Change has been working closely with the Municipality of Ljubljana once again, on a project, aiming to actively engage young citizens of the City of Ljubljana in preparing the strategy for the transition to Circular Economy of the Municipality of Ljubljana.

Expected results of the project are:

  • An engaging campaign raising awareness among the youth (15 - 27 years old) and promoting activities of the Municipality in the field of sustainable development and youth-oriented policies

  • Collecting inputs shared by the youth for the preparation of the city’s strategy for transition towards circular economy and the new Sustainable Urban Strategy of the City of Ljubljana (Trajnostna urbana strategija Mestne občine Ljubljana) - as a result of two organised workshops, analysis of the prepared questionnaires and other comments or propositions shared during the course of the project

On 10th July 2019, Circular Change and the representatives of the Department of Environmental Protection of the Municipality of Ljubljana organised the first workshop as part of the ongoing project. Moderated by Ladeja Godina Košir and accompanied by delicious local vegan ice cream, young citizens of Ljubljana imagined their daily lives, their regular 24 hours in the city and proposed real, concrete circular solutions and ideas for the city to include in their strategy so that living, working, creating and spending spare time in the city could be even more sustainable and environmentally conscious for everyone.

Stay tuned for the upcoming second workshop in August and other updates on the project!

Circular Change