Circular Creativity at Its Best: Floios, Jewellery Made by Nature


Circular creativity at its best: Floios, jewellery made by nature Creative industries are often a forgotten part of the Circular Economy which is why we, Circular Change, were especially happy to hear about an exciting and inspiring new circular project presented at the Ljubljana Mapping Week which took place at the creative centre Poligon.


Floios studio creates handmade Sustainable recycled silver jewellery. Their pieces are minimalistic unaltered forms of nature, its shape forever captured in a shell of silver, recovered from electronic waste.

Designs are foraged in nature, urban environments, our window shelves. Every piece comes with a story; date and exact location where a leaf, bark, branch was picked and the meaning behind each plant.

Tina Košak, the creator of Floios jewellery from Ljubljana believes that nature is created in golden proportion and shouldn’t be changed by people.


Visit to see more beautiful designs.