Circular Change Joins Circular Economy Club


Circular Change became a member and partner of the London-based Circular Economy Club (CEC), an international network of over 2,600 circular economy professionals and organizations in over 60 countries. The club exists to spur collaboration by connecting stakeholders because together we can have a higher impact. Although the club was founded in London, CEC is running voluntarily by engaged club members based all over the world through the local organizers program.

For members of the Circular Change platform, this opens up exciting new opportunities. You may publish your circular economy event on CEC’s website or keep in the loop of circular economy events worldwide. Your own case study can also be published by CEC and disseminated among its international audience. In case you are already an established circular economy professional with multiple years of work experience, you can also apply to volunteer to mentor circular entrepreneurs. In 2018 CEC will organize its first global Circular Economy Mapping Week, designed to map out circular initiatives taking place globally and make this information available online and free for all.

Tin and Iza