Building a Sustainable Future: Kickoff Launched for EFFECTIVE Project


“Together we will drive new waves of healthy industrialization, economic growth, and greater sustainability – better than we can individually.”

-Giulio Bonazzi, Chairman, and CEO of Aquafil

From June 6-7, 2018, the partners of the EFFECTIVE project gathered in Ljubljana, Slovenia where they had a constructive first meeting and inspiring project launch. Led mostly by AquafilSLO, the partners covered every aspect of the project from the project overview on the first day to the final expected results on the second. 

With collaboration between Aquafil, Genomatica, H&M, Carvico, Vaude, Balsan, Circular Change, Life Cycle Engineering, Bio-Mi, Südzucker, Fundación CIRCE, and Novamont, as well as, funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program, the project’s 7.1 million € budget will allow the team to effectively produce a revolutionary new material.  The project itself revolves around creating a sustainable and renewable bio-based nylon material to be used in apparel and carpet textiles. The recyclability of this nylon will help facilitate the circular economy, as well as, move the industry away from oil and gas use. In addition, the project will specifically benefit from the partnership with the U.S.-based, biotechnology company Genomatica since Genomatica has the technology and tools to aid the chemical components of the project. 

Throughout the project, Circular Change will lead the team by serving as the main hub for communication and dissemination activities. Follow our website and social media for regular updates on the state of the project.