"A Circular Solution To Plastics Waste", special report by BCG with expert contribution by CC


The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has released a report on tackling plastic waste using circular solutions. After highlighting the scale of the issue, the report present different ways of solving the plastic waste issue by comparing the impacts of different waste treatment options and technologies, such as pyrolysis. The report concludes that:

“To tackle the colossal societal and environmental issue of plastic waste, we need proportionally meaningful efforts from the private and public sectors as well as society at large that encompass behaviors and habits. The ultimate solutions will involve a combination of judicious consumption and disposal measures as well as the development of cost-competitive and environmentally friendly alternatives. Most observers would agree, however, that these changes are years away. In the meantime— over the next decade or two—we can implement circular solutions to reuse or repurpose plastic waste in the most efficient way.” (Boston Consulting Group, 2018, p.24).

An international team of external experts contributed to the report, among them Ladeja Godina Košir, Director of Circular Change and Niko Korpar, Program Manager.

To read the full report, follow the link:


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