The (Circular) Future of Cities in Oslo


The Urban Future Global Conference took place in Oslo, May 22-24 2019. The massive programme that featured 300 speakers, nearly 2.600 participants, 85 sessions, 36 field trips and 20 side events took place all over the city, one of the global leaders in sustainability. Discussions, presentations, trips and networking meetings touched upon a variety of topics connected to the future of urban life, an integral part of which are circular solutions.

Slovenian representatives included dr. Janez Potočnik, Chair of our Honorary Council, Igor Kos from Wcycle Institute Maribor and Ladeja Godina Košir, who shared her insights on Circular Change’s journey as a leading regional circular economy organisation and participated in a panel discussion led by Nadine Galle from the Dutch circular economy consultancy Metabolic. Afterwards Ladeja also took part in a panel on New Urban Economics where she talked about establishing a Circular Culture in a panel discussion hosted by Circular Norway, our partners from the Circular Hotspot Network.

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