Announcing 30 Semi-Finalists of the 2019 European Social Innovation Competition - inc. 3 candidates from Slovenia


The international panel of judges, including Ladeja Godina Košir, met in Brussels on May 23rd to pick 30 semi-finalists of the 2019 European Social Innovation Competition.

On June 12th, the European Commission officially announced the Semi-Finalists! 30 projects from 19 countries have made it into the next round of the Competition. 543 ideas were submitted from across Europe, aligned to this year’s theme of Challenging Plastic Waste. These cover a wide spectrum of solutions, from optimising supply chains to changing consumer behaviour.

The list of semi-finalists includes three exciting projects from Slovenia:

  • Evegreen biodegradable material solution: A replacement material for plastic made from biodegradable materials generated from agro-waste

  • SAFE public events products and circular business model (SAFE) : Biodegradable and reusable plates and cutlery to be used at public events.

  • RIS: Water-soluble shampoo marbles made with natural ingredients.

To get to know all 30 projects and learn more about the competition, read the attached Press Release of the project:


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