The young generation in Ljubljana has spoken and it wants more green! European Mobility Week 2019


The project “Youth in Green Ljubljana”

Since June 2018, we have been working on an exciting project with the Municipality of Ljubljana to engage the city’s youth in a constructive dialogue to learn more about how they perceive sustainability and circular economy in their every day lives. We’ve been collecting ideas, comments, criticisms and solutions at two workshops, an online survey and we were impressed with the knowledge and concern they have shown.

The information collected will serve as input for the preparation of upcoming strategies of the city of Ljubljana.


The survey presented a few simple questions to collect data on how the young people (12 -28 years) engage themselves in the quest for a more sustainable way of living in cities. It was opened for almost two weeks and we gathered dozens of great ideas. Everyone who filled the questionnaire also got the chance to win one of several practical awards. Winners were announced on October 1st.

European Mobility Week 2019

Our intern Aleksandra represented CC at the event, organized by the Youth Centre of Ljubljana which invited young people to a “green living room” on the Congress square in Ljubljana, September 19th 2019. At CC’s part of the event, a special birdhouse was installed to collect ideas, written on leaflets and a lively debate soon developed on how to ensure more participation of the young generation and how the city can make the every day lives easier, while also acting sustainably. The main point of debate was how to make the public transport system in Ljubljana even better and better attuned to the lifestyle of the modern youth.

Circular Change