CC hosted two panels at the Bled Strategic Forum 2019 - click to see FULL videos


The 2019 edition of the Bled Strategic Forum was focused on debating the (res)sources of global (in)stability.

The Founder and Director of Circular Change, and Chair of the CG of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform, Ladeja Godina Košir hosted two panels at the Forum.

In the first panel dedicated to Sustainability she hosted three eminent thought leaders, Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, Dr. Andrea Illy and Dr. Janez Potočnik. Mr. Sachs addressed the problem of political responsiveness to the environmental crisis by emphasizing that not enough action was being undertaken in the US compared to the EU or even China. Mr. Potocnik complemented the discussion by highlighting the need of a fundamental paradigm shift in economic thinking of our production systems, alerting that too often costs of production are socialized and profits individualized. Meanwhile, Mr. Illy illustrated the efforts his company was pursuing in order to make the market for coffee more sustainable, fair and supportive of local farmers."

The second panel, called Climate Change – Saving the Planet by Going Circular called upon 9 panelists to discuss the future of circular economy, without which we cannot hope to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. It featured experts and partners who CC has collaborated with in the past, such as Cathrin Barth from Circular Norway, Freek van Eijk, Holland Circular Hotspot and Kari Herlevi from SITRA.

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