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Kyoto Symposium - Polyphonic Circular Co-Emergence

How we human beings have to take steps toward the future? Challenging to such transdisciplinary problems, we need the integration of Eastern philosophy and Western Science, and even polyphonic transformation of our bodies and minds. Through the dialog between experience and science, theory and practice of transformation concerning ourselves, and the dialog between arts and religions, we are discussing the creative problem solving for these issues to the future.

Please click HERE for the symposium’s leaflet.


Session 1 - 15:00-15:45

Society with Harmony and Co-creativity

Stephen Hill (University of Wollongong)

Ladeja Godina Košir (Circular Change, Founder and Executive Director)

Tadashi Yagi (Doshisha University)

Session 2 - 15:50-16:35

Saving our Shattered Science and Ourselves

Masatoshi Murase (Kyoto University)

Masahiro Fujino (Kyoto University)

Issho Fujita (Soto Zen Buddhism)

Session 3 - 16:40-17:25

Polyphonic Co-existence

Xing Qi-lin (Founder Tian Zhen Yuan, Principal of Tianzhen traditional culture training school)

Toshiaki Maruyama (Chairman RINRI Institute of Ethics)

Stomu Yamash’ta (Musician)

Discussion - 17:25-18:00

Stomu Yamash’ta

Xing Qi-lin

Toshiaki Maruyama

Masatoshi Murase

Tadashi Yagi

Stephen Hill