More partners added to our regional initiative for promoting The Circulars 2018!

A wonderful display of cross-border circular cooperation

We are pleased to announce that our regional project for promoting the world’s best circular economy award programme The Circulars 2018 has expanded further and now covers the whole Central and South Eastern regions of Europe. Circular Change is a regional partner of The Circulars 2018 and we have been working hard to establish a movement that features both public and private organizations, from ministries to start-ups!

After announcing our cooperation with organisation representing Croatia, Austria, Serbia, Kosovo and Hungary, we have now managed to added many more partners to our international network, committed to identifying regional circular champions and sharing their best practices among us. Our new sister-organizations come from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland and Spain. They have agreed to help us identify the best and most innovative circular projects in their own countries.

New partners in the regional initiative The Circulars 2018, led by Circular Change:


Contact person: Ivana Maleš


HUB387 (BiH)

Contact person: Edin Saračević


Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic (CZE)

Contact person: Jan Maršák


Innaxis (SWI, SPA)

Contact person: Carlos Alvarez Pereira


Heror Mediapoint (SRB)

Contact person: Nataša Heror



Prishtina REA (KOS)

Contact person: Mr. Ahmet Jetullahu – Meti


Freewa (CRO)

Contact person: Goran Ladišič



Circular Change – regional supporter for The Circulars 2018

Our circular economy network of partners is growing fast!


The Circulars, an initiative of the World Economic Forum and the Forum of Young Global Leaders, run in collaboration with Accenture Strategy, is the world’s premier circular economy award program. The award offers recognition to individuals and organizations across the globe that are making notable contributions to the circular economy in the private sector, public sector and society. The annual awards are hosted at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos.
As a proud supporter of this premier global circular economy award programme in 2017, this year, Circular Change has been invited to in become the competition’s regional partner. Our first goal is still to make sure that outstanding Slovenian circular companies are represented at the award ceremony in Davos, but this year, we also want to encourage inspiring circular initiatives from Central and South-eastern Europe to apply for the award.
Through our international projects, we keep meeting extraordinary people, enthusiastic circular pioneers, who work hard to develop circular thinking in their own countries. After Circular Change became a regional supporter of The Circulars 2018, we have invited some of our “sister-associations” to contribute to the promotion of the awards in the region. We are happy to announce that we have already received confirmations from organizations representing Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Hungary and Kosovo!

The latest list of partners in the regional initiative The Circulars led by Circular Change:

Heror Mediapoint (SRB)

Contact person: Nataša Heror



Prishtina REA (KOS)

Contact person: Mr. Ahmet Jetullahu – Meti


Freewa (CRO)

Contact person: Goran Ladišič




Apply for the circular economy award programme the Circulars 2018!

Circular Change is the hub for gathering applications from Central and Eastern Europe

The Circulars, an initiative of the World Economic Forum and the Forum of Young Global Leaders, is the world’s premier circular economy awards program. The awards are open to individuals and organizations from commerce and civil society in seven distinct categories. The awards are designed to recognize and celebrate, on a prestigious global stage, all facets of the circular economy movement. Now its fourth year, the awards ceremony will take place at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos in January 2018. Last year, over 200 entrants from 37 countries entered, ranging from some of the world’s largest multinationals to the most innovative start-ups. Entries for the 2018 program are now open. Visit The Circulars website for more information and to apply for this year’s program! The list of all winners and finalists together with short introduction of their projects is available in the Circulars Yearbook 2017.
Once again Circular Change is teaming up with the World Economic Forum, Accenture and the Forum of Young Global Leaders to showcase the very best circular economy companies, organizations and individuals for the world’s first and only circular economy award programme.
During last year’s successful campaign, Circular Change coordinated the application process of 11 Slovenian companies, the fourth largest number of participants of any country! When Valtex was selected as a finalist for the best municipal, communal of regional project, this was a recognition of the Slovenian circular economy sector as a whole and Circular Change was proud to play a part in attracting international attention on Slovenia.
This year, we are deepening our cooperation with the Circulars by becoming a regional supporter of the awards. Circular Change plans to team up with friendly organizations from Central and Eastern European countries and make sure that no circular pioneer from the region goes unnoticed.
If you need help with your submission, have an interesting candidate in mind or wish to work with Circular Change for promoting the awards in any other way, please write us at!

And Circular Economy Winners at The Circulars 2017 in Davos are…

Davos, January 17, 2017 – The World Economic Forum’s Community of Young Global Leaders, in collaboration with Accenture Strategy (NYSE: ACN), has awarded the Circulars at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters. The awards recognize individuals and organizations that have made notable contributions to the circular economy.

The third annual Circulars awards ceremony showcased advances from the private sector, public sector and civil society that drive innovation and growth while reducing dependence on scarce natural resources.  The seven Circulars were awarded as follows:

The Fortune Award for Circular Economy LeadershipWilliam McDonough, Chief Executive of McDonough Innovation, a globally recognized leader in sustainable development.  He advises leaders worldwide through McDonough Innovation and with MBDC and introduced the concepts of biological and technical cycles to the circular economy field.

The Accenture Strategy Award for Circular Economy Multinational (Joint Award):  NIKE, Inc., for leading work on material efficiency and waste reduction and aiming to double their business with half the impact through adopting circular economy principles. Patagonia, for a long track record of sustainable innovation in the industry and embedding the principles of the circular economy into their business strategy through the likes of their ‘Worn Wear’ initiatives.

The Young Global Leaders Award for Circular Economy SME: MBA Polymers, Inc., for up-cycling complex plastic waste streams to the same quality, and at the same price, as virgin plastic with the potential for scale and impact in plastics globally.

The AB InBev Award for Circular Economy Governments, Cities and Regions: Scottish Government, for leading a coalition across business and government to drive the circular economy in Scotland with clear impact demonstrated and ambitious targets for the future.

 The CNBC Award for Circular Economy Investor: SJF Ventures, for investing in circular economy businesses across their target sectors that simultaneously scale social and environmental impact whilst delivering sound financials.

The Ecolab Award for Circular Economy Digital Disruptor:  Rubicon Global, for providing a sustainable waste and recycling solution that utilizes cloud-based technology and big data to connect customers with haulers.

“The Circulars demonstrate that the days of the ‘take, make, waste’ business models are over. The path to innovation, growth and competitiveness starts by creatively reducing the strain on scarce natural resources,” said Peter Lacy, managing director, Accenture Strategy.

“Digital technology is increasingly critical to the success of the circular economy, and these awards also showcase technology innovation.”

The Circulars attracted 237 entries from 37 countries. The judging panel was drawn from the Young Global Leader community of the World Economic Forum and leading experts across business and civil society.  In addition to Accenture Strategy, The Circulars are sponsored by AB InBev, Dell and Ecolab. This year’s media partners are CNBC and Fortune Magazine.

“The circular economy is now established as one of the major ways organizations, cities and economies pursue sustainable growth. The rapid progress in advance sciences, industrial design and digital innovation has been matched by a swift application of circular models at a large scale.” said Dominic Waughray Head of Pubic Private Partnership at the World Economic Forum.

“The Circulars remain an important initiative of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders to recognize and celebrate such cutting edge innovation and impact.”

From Slovenia Ladeja Godina Košir, initiator and Executive Director of Circular Change was present at the Circulars Awards ceremony.

“It was true pleasure talking to Dame Ellen MacArthur, Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Ida Auken, Member of Parliament of Denmark – The Young Global Leaders Circular Economy Taskforce, a World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders (YGL) initiative in Davos, at The Circulars Awards. Clear vision, amazing experiences, concrete actions on place for making this world more circular. Proud to be engaged in this movement with Circular Change,” Ladeja Godina Košir said after the event.




Nocoj bodo v Davosu podelili prestižne nagrade The Circulars 2017 za krožno gospodarsto

Frans Timmermans Na povabilo organizatorjev v Davosu prvič tudi Circular Change (podpornik nagrad The Circulars) in mag. Ladeja Godina Košir.

Ljubljana/Davos, 16. januar 2017. Nocoj se s pozdravnim govorom generalnega direktorja Svetovnega gospodarskega foruma Klausa Schwaba ob 18.15 uri (prenos bo na voljo na povezavi tukaj) začenja tridnevni vrh Svetovnega gospodarskega foruma (World Economic Forum) v švicarskem Davosu. Večer se bo nadaljeval z razglasitvijo zmagovalcev za globalno nagrado The Circulars 2017 v sedmih kategorijah. Iz Slovenije se je v tekmovanje vključilo 11 podjetij.

Slovesne razglasitve zmagovalcev se na povabilo organizatorjev in ob podpori slovenskega premierja dr. Mira Cerarja udeležuje prvič tudi platforma Circular Change in sicer njena idejna ustanoviteljica in izvršna direktorica mag. Ladeja Godina Košir.

Globalno tekmovanje za najboljše prakse in projekte s področja krožnega gospodova The Circulars organizirata Svetovni gospodarski forum (World Economic Forum ) in Forum mladih globalnih voditeljev (Forum of Young Global Leaders ) in letos poteka že tretjič. Cilj projekta je širjenje in prepoznavanje najboljših praks krožnega gospodarstva v svetovnem merilu. Zmagovalci bodo znani danes okoli 20. ure. Finalisti po posameznih kategorijah so dostopni tukaj.

Slovenija se je v tekmovanje tokrat vključila prvič in sicer na povabilo organizatorjev nagrad, ki so k sodelovanju povabili platformo Circular Change kot podpornika The Circulars 2017.  

»Ponosni smo, da so se za prestižne nagrade letos prvič potegovala tudi slovenska podjetja. Po številu prijav smo četrta najbolje zastopana država. Po odzivih, ki jih prejemam, postajamo mednarodno prepoznavna država na področju krožnega gospodarstva. Zahvala velja v prvi vrsti podjetjem, ki so se odločila sodelovati, čeprav so imela le mesec dni časa za oddajo prijave svojih krožnih praks. Odločilna je tudi podpora predsednika vlade, dr. Mira Cerarja, ki je krožno gospodarstvo izpostavil kot ključno smer razvoja Slovenije in podprl nastanek Partnerstva za zeleno gospodarstvo. Tega zavzeto vodi državni sekretar v njegovem kabinetu, Tadej Slapnik. Po iniciativah za sodelovanje, ki prihajajo iz tujine, sem prepričana, da Slovenijo lahko pozicioniramo kot »Zeleno referenčno državo v digitalni Evorpi«, je pred današnjim odhodom v Davos poudarila Ladeja Godina Košir, izvršna direktorica platforme Circular Change, ki tja potuje tudi v imenu Slovenije in s podporo dr. Cerarja.

Letošnji finalisti tekmovanja The Circular 2017 po posameznih kategorijah so dostopni na tej povezavi. Iz Slovenije se v izbor The Circulars 2017 prijavili: v kategoriji People’s Choice Entrepreneur Donar in Kaaita; v kategoriji multinacionalk: Knauf Insulation in Aquafil (prijava je bila oddana s strani matičnega podjetja v Italiji), v kategoriji Government, Cities & Regions: EKO INICIATIVA (v konzorciju: VALTEX, Lucart, DROE Unirec, Mestna občina Novo mesto), v kategoriji malih in srednje velikih podjetij pa: socialno podjetje Center ponovne uporabe, Petrol Energetika (v konzorciju: SIJ, Metal Ravne, Inštitut Jožef Stefan in lokalna skupnost Ravne na Koroškem), Iskraemeco, Skaza, Smart Plastic in Avant Car.

Za nagrado voditelj na področju krožnega gospodarstva je platforma Circular Change predlagala Mojco Markizeti, ki v podjetju Iskraemeco vodi razvoj pravičnega pametnega števca za elektriko. Markizetijeva je tudi pomemben motor pri razvoju t. i. Transparency toola, posebnega orodja, ki bo v prihodnosti industriji omogočal popolno preglednost in sledljivost izdelkom: iz katerih surovin in materialov je, kje so bile surovine ali materiali pridobljeni in v kakšnih delovnih pogojih.

Slovenska podjetja se med finaliste sicer tokrat še niso uvrstila. Je pa VALTEX za projekt »Material flow cycle of BC – Novo Mesto« (Komunalni snovni krog Novega mesta) med številnimi prijavami podjetij, institucij, mest in regiji z vsega sveta prejel prav posebno pohvalo za sodelovanje – HIGHLY COMMENDED – v kategoriji najboljši vladni, mestni oz. regionalni projekt krožnega gospodarstva.

»Slovenija bi bila lahko v svetu prepoznavna ne le po bratih Prevc, ampak tudi po projektih na področju krožnega gospodarstva,« je prepričan Niko Kumar, direktor podjetja VALTEX in avtor krožnega projekta Komunalni snovni krog Novo mesto.

Letos kar 11 odstotkov več prijav

V prvih dveh letih je v izboru za globalne nagrade The Circulars sodelovalo preko 400 podjetij iz 36 držav. Koliko podjetij, organizacij in vladnih projektov sodeluje letos, organizatorji še niso razkrili, so pa potrdili, da so prejeli 11 odstotkov več prijav kot leto pred tem.

Leta 2015 nagrajen dr. Janez Potočnik

V 27 članski komisiji ekspertov, ki so ocenjevali prispele prijave, je tudi dr. Janez Potočnik, mednarodni ekspert za krožno gospodarstvo, nekdanji evropski komisar za okolje in predsednik posvetovalnega odbora platforme Circular Change.  Sicer pa je prav dr. Potočnik leta 2015 kot prvi prejel prestižno nagrado The Circulars 2015 za voditelja na področju krožnega gospodarstva – in sicer za svoje prebojno delo na področju krožnega gospodarstva, saj je kot evropski komisar za okolje predlagal prvi paket za prehod v krožno gospodarstvo na ravni EU.

V letošnjem letu je med kandidati za to nagrado Guido Braam, uspešen nizozemski podjetnik, pionir krožnega gospodarstva na Nizozemskem in tudi član posvetovalnega odbora platforme Circular Change.