The best of The Circulars 2017 in the newly-published yearbook

Check out the best of The Circulars 2017 in the newly-published yearbook!

The Circulars 2017

William McDonough, Chief Executive of McDonough Innovation, receives The Fortune Award for Circular Economy Leadership from Adam Lashinsky, Executive Editor for Fortune Magazine.

In case your are unfamiliar with The Circulars, they are awards given at the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters to individuals and organizations that have made notable contributions to the circular economy, organized by The World Economic Forum’s Community of Young Global Leaders, in collaboration with Accenture Strategy.

The yearbook showcases the leading circular economy individuals and organisations from the 2017 awards program, sharing short summaries of the best entries to celebrate their success.

Circular Change is a partner of The Circulars and has worked hard to ensure that over a dozen Slovenian circular champions were included in the final competition. As you might have heard, we travelled to the 2017 meeting of the World Economic Forum with a mission to establish relationships and promote circular companies from Slovenia, and not without success!

Valtex, a companx from Novo Mesto, Slovenia that distributes professional facility hygiene products throughout Slovenia and efficiently manages the circular cycle of waste within the production of consumable products, is included in the 2017 yearbook. It was given high commendation for their efforts in reducing waste flows.

Guido Braam

Guido Braam, Founder and CEO, Circular Valley

We are equally happy that Guido Braam, a member of our Advisory Board, who was also the guest speaker at the 2nd International Circular Change Conference 2017, has been chosen as one of the finalists for the The Fortune Award for Circular Economy Leadership for his efforts in establishing the Circular Valley in the Netherlands.

We are sincerely proud of all Slovenian representatives at the competition and we are looking forward to continuing our cooperation with The Circulars.

The Circulars 2017 Yearbook is available here.

2nd Circular Change Conference opens doors

Today, the 2nd Circular Change Conference opens doors to over 500 participants at Ljubljana Castle Ljubljana, who will initiate a unique two-day journey through learning experiences and insights into the transformational challenges across different industries, arising from the transition to the circular economy. The second conference day is taking place in Maribor (Hotel Habakuk).

“Under the sponsorship of the Prime Minister of the Slovenian Government Dr Miro Cerar, the 2nd International Circular Economy Conference is the perfect ground for selecting those “circular seeds” that can grow into sustainable solutions,” says the programme director Ladeja Godina Košir, Executive Director of Circular Change Platform before the beginning of the conference.

“Slovenia with the advantage of size (2 million population and the territory of 20.273 km²), though a significant economic complexity and privileged social cohesion, can offer itself as a pilot country for the deepest absorption of circular transition and become both a field of business opportunities and lessons to be learned and shared,” explains Godina Košir.

The conference participants, guided by over 30 speakers, internationally renowned leaders and co-creators of the circular transition will explore the systemic approach by tapping into circular economy platforms at local, urban, regional and international levels. They will learn about collaboration as a precondition for success in the context of circular business models and will dedicate to the evolution of circular cities.

First conference day in Ljubljana

The conference will begin with the panel consisted of some of the most outstanding protagonists who will bring up case studies from the successful circular business transformation.

Panel discussion and debate with the audience moderated by Sergio Ferraris, Scientific journalist, Materia Rinnovabile – Renewable Matter

These are: Matej Šuštaršič from the Institute for pulp and paper, Michele Posocco from Favini, Melanie Seier Larsen from BCG and Markus Laubscher of Philips.

The introductory keynote speaker is Christiaan Kraaijenhagen, a Dutch circular economy expert and the author of a book “Circular Business”, which offers a practical 10-step approach for professionals in small, medium-sized and large organisations on how to initiate, lead and execute a circular transformation from pilot to circular businesses.

Kraaijenhagen is the founder and innovation strategist at Innoboost. He believes that the best way to innovate is to improve your customer’s experience. “Our drive is to leave people and planet better than we found them.”

Iain Gulland, CEO of Zero Waste Scotland, the winner of the Circulars Awards 2017: “Scotland as a circular country”, will introduce the afternoon workshop session.

“We will engage into the new narrative through case studies as the most appropriate learning and knowledge-transfer method, together with accomplished circular pioneers. Last but not least, we will discuss the effects and opportunities deriving from the ongoing disruption of conventional business schemes, seeing new roles for public-private partnerships, procurement, taxation and financial institutions,” concludes Godina Košir.

2nd Circular Change Conference by the numbers

Miro Cerar, Ladeja Godina Košir, Maja Makovec Brenčič and Tadej Slapnik

Over 30 circular economy thought leaders on the stage will guide more than 500 participants from 10 countries through the two-day programme, which is a result of partnerships with over 50 international circular change makers.

The co-organiser of the second day, “Partnership for a green economy“, which is coordinated by State Secretary Tadej Slapnik at the Office of the Prime Minister of Slovenia, connects several ministries of the Slovenian Government with external stakeholders. Among others, there are also: Embassies of Italy and the Netherlands to Slovenia, ITA-Ice office in Ljubljana, AmCham Slovenia, The World Economic Forum, EBRD, Philips, Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, The Boston Consulting Group, The Circular Valley, Sava Insurance, Pošta Slovenije and many others, who will engage in a 2-day dialogue, which will evolve across two Slovenian circular cities, Ljubljana and Maribor, with both municipalities actively participating in the event’s programme.

Attila Turos, World Economic Forum – Circular Economy Initiative, The Circular Economy Awards

The second day in Maribor

The highlight of the second day of the event is the awaited presentation of the Accelerating the Circular Economy Initiative by Attila Turos of The World Economic Forum. As a result of the partnership with this prestigious global business club, Slovenia is recognised as a partner and a reference country of this global initiative for the circular economy – PACE Hub Europe.

MAJA JOHANNESSEN at the CC Conference

Maja Johannessen2nd Circular Change Conference

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Presentation of the 2nd Circular Change Conference: Walking the talk – Enabling Circular Transformation


Presentation of the 2nd Circular Change Conference

Walking the talk

Enabling Circular Transformation

Ljubljana, 13th April 2017

The presentation of the programme of the 2nd Circular Change Conference 2017 at the House of the EU in Ljubljana was representation of strong partnerships with the Slovenian Government – the co-organiser of the second conference day – , cities of Ljubljana and Maribor, who are hosting the event on 11th and the 12th May, and the Dutch and the Italian Embassies in Slovenia and AmCham Slovenia.
Just after the opening of the Circular Change Academy a video message of the Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Miro Cerar, introduced the press conference.  The message of the prime Minister is straight-forward: the time is now in Slovenia and Europe for the transition to circular economy.
Slovenian Government consider that transition moment strategic, confirmed Tadej Slapnik, State Secretary at the Cabinet of the Prime Minister, Head of Partnership for Green Economy, an initiative under which the Government coordinates all ministries and external stakeholders who contribute to the green economic and social transition.
Ladeja Godina Košir, the leader of the Circular Change Platform, introduced the key messages and the speakers on programme of the 2nd Circular Change Conference, which will take place the 11th May at Ljubljana Castle and the 12th May 2017 at Hotel Habakuk, Maribor. Janez Potočnik, The Chair of the Advisory Board of the CC Platform and one of the keynote speakers at the event, underlined that the Circular Change Platform is now recognised as the focal meeting point for the circular economy in the country. He expressed the support to the mission that Slovenia adjoins the most advanced European countries in the circular transition.
The circular transformation is a hot topic at EU level, exposed Franc Bogovič, Member of the European Parliament, EPP.
H.E. Bart Twaalfhoven, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Slovenia, briefly exposed an already advanced state of implementation of circular economy model in the Netherlands, which will be on focus at the Circular Change Conference and exposed examples from the every-day life, a demonstration of sharing economy being rooted in the Dutch culture.
Elisa Scelsa, Managing Director, ITA – Ice, Ljubljana Office, representative of the Embassy of the Republic of Italy, enlightened the Italian best practices and emphasised the full support and trust from her side to the Circular Conference.
The local implementation of the circular transition in Slovenia will be one in the focus of the Conference: Tjaša Ficko, Vice-Mayor of the City of Ljubljana, and Božidar Resnik, Managing Director of Wcycle Institute, representative of the City of Maribor, outlined the full involvement in the support of the event.
A pre-event, Green Plus Digital Is Circular – One Year On, will be hosted by AmCham, as confirmed by Ajša Vodnik, Executive Director, AmCham Slovenia, the traditional partner fo the Conference.
The press conference confirmed the broad partnership created around the Circular Change Conference, believed certain will be an opportunity to share European experiences in the field. Becoming the European Circular Hot Spot in the near future is a natural ambition of the Conference, exposed Jurij Giacomelli, founder of Giacomelli Media, a consulting firm that launched the Circular Change Platform. “This should not be merely  an ambition of the Platform itself, but of all of us, stakeholders, who have to prove the commitment and the ability to become one of the front-running countries, leading the circular transition.”

CCC 2017 Programme


MARKUS LAUBSCHER at the CC Conference

Markus Laubscher at the 2nd Circular Change Conference2nd Circular Change Conference

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Circular Change is delivering new business opportunities and a new hope for the global environment.

Ladeja Godina Košir MSc

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INTESA SANPAOLO for Circular Economy

2nd Circular Change Conference

Circular Change is delivering new business opportunities and a new hope for the global environment.

Ladeja Godina Košir MSc

Join us and share your circular story with us!






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