Zoran Janković

Mayor of the City of Ljubljana


Zoran Janković’s professional career began before he had finished his studies in 1978 in the investment sector at the Slovenian Post Office. Between 1979 and 1984 he represented the Grič Zagreb business as a sales manager and was appointed as acting director of Mercator Investa in 1984, where he worked until 1988. Between 1988 and 1990 he was vice president of Emona SOZD and acting general manager of Emona VPS. In 1990, he founded the Electa company, of which he was director until 1997. In the autumn of that year, Zoran Janković was appointed CEO of retailer Mercator, which he successfully led until November 2005, when representatives of the largest shareholders released him from his duties with no fault attached on his part.

Almost exactly a year later, on 22 October 2006, he was elected Mayor of the capital of the Republic of Slovenia. In the parallel election for the City Council, his list of candidates took a majority of the votes cast, and in his first term of office 23 candidates from Zoran Janković’s List were elected to the 45-member council.

His tolerance and multicultural awareness are confirmed by providing the conditions for the construction of the Islamic religious-cultural centre and the start of construction in Ljubljana of a Serbian Orthodox Church cultural and pastoral centre. Under the leadership of the current mayor the city has gained new impetus; above all, as a European capital with an adopted vision of spatial development to 2025, he has given Ljubljana back its sense of optimism in a future that is modern, but to the individual a friendly, well-kept and safe place.

For the second time in the first round, on Sunday 10 October 2010, Zoran Janković took a majority of votes cast and was duly elected as Mayor of the Slovenian capital. Once again, his List took most voters’ support, and won 25 seats on the 45-member City Council.
For the third time in the first round, on Sunday 25 March 2012, he won a majority of votes cast and was duly elected as Mayor of the Slovenian capital.
At the mayoral elections on 5 October, 2014 the voters have entrusted Zoran Janković with another mandate as a Mayor of the City of Ljubljana. Receiving 57.5 % of votes he was again voted in the first round of the elections.