Tjaša Ficko

Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana


Education: University graduate in Communicology, Master of Business Studies

Born in Murska Sobota, and Communicologist from the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. She started her career a PR consultant for Mercator, and continued her formal education by earning a Master in Management at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana. In 2004 I graduated from the Instituto Cervantes and in 2008 became a certified supervisor at the Slovenian Directors’ Association. Four years ago I worked for Zoran Janković’s campaign to be elected Mayor of the City of Ljubljana, and after his victory in the 2006 local elections he entrusted me with the leadership of the Section for Public Relations in the Mayor’s Cabinet.

In her spare time she enjoys sport and music, and travel. She believes that Ljubljana is being revived at last. The city is been developing successfully, and in a few years it will  shape and reinforce its brand and take its place on the map of as one of the most successful European and world capitals.