Petra Grajžl

Head of the General Services Sector, Municipal Services Brežice


Petra Grajžl has a master’s degree in business management, she is a certified master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, an expert in socially responsible projects, human resources management, innovative process management, and public relations. She is merited with the development of Komunala Brežice as an environment-friendly municipal undertaking, which not only provides communal services but has become the most innovative municipal company in Slovenia and as such, pivotal to raising environmental awareness in Posavje region.

She is also the author of a system and the accompanying handbook, which promotes an integrated approach to working with employees, named “The Engaged Innovators Culture 3 x 12”, for which she received a national award for the best human resources management project of 2017. She also received silver and bronze awards from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for her innovative efforts. She is editor-in-chief of an expert journal and an author and project manager of several socially responsible projects. Sincere and genuine relationships are the driving force of her life.

She describes herself as a passionate student of life, making conscious action the first concern in every aspect and any situation, where environmental protection is one of her greatest priorities.