Mateja Benedetti

Fashion Designer and CEO of Matea Benedetti


Mateja Benedetti is a stylist and costume designer, that has participated in many competitions, fashion shows and exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad and received several awards.

Her career starts as a costume designer for opera houses in Italy, Slovenia and Germany and theatres all around. Since she was a fashion design student she has an extreme passion for a sustainable fashion that’s why she set to create a luxury brand Matea Benedetti that respected the environment.

From the first Milan showroom in Via Montenapoleone to the first articles in the media – Vogue Italia, Germany, Brasil, UK to BOOK Sposa, Collezioni, U-Fashon, – Matea BENEDETTI brand, with its team, continues to grow not only in design and innovation fields but also by spreading its commitment to fashion to serve the well-being of our ecosystem.

In 2017 she was one of the five finalist at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, womens Oscars at La Scala in Milan.

She believes in a healthier, more socially responsible and environment-friendly world with respect to nature and all forms of creation. We focus on devising natural, high-quality fashion designs, respecting the concept of sustainability throughout the creative process, using only organic materials that do not contain any residues from artificial fertilizers, pesticides, or growth-enhancing substances and harmful chemicals.

She supports businesses that build local economies and fair trade products that respect workers’ conditions. Clothes include authentic graphic design patterns and concepts based on the extinction of animal and plant species.