Matej Šuštaršič

Deputy Manager, Pulp and Paper Institute Ljubljana


Matej Šuštaršič is deputy manager of the Pulp and Paper Institute Ljubljana, research and development center of Slovenian paper and paper processing industry. Matej works as a researcher in the field of microcapsulation and cavitation of the Cel.Cycle program. He has good understanding of legislation requirements of paper intended for food contact and is an expert in the paper mill microbiology.

Matej is biologist, who started his career as a researcher at Nacional institute of Biology and joined Pulp and Paper Institute Ljubljana in 2009. Today his working fields are tightly linked to the paper industry and cover microbiology, food contact and evaluation of final tissue products. As an internal auditor of two quality systems and Deputy of papermaking laboratory head, Matej has good knowledge of testing paper materials and quality assurance.