Guido Braam

Executive Director, NL Hotspot


In 2012, Guido Braam decided to put all his energy and focus on the transition towards the circular economy and so he became the executive director of the action driven Circle Economy cooperative. He strongly believes that social entrepreneurship will become the new normal. Enticing the establishment into the circular economy, a more balanced system full of innovation and (shared) value creation, is the first step.

Guido is the founder of several (impact driven) start-ups and co-owns Kirkman Company (part of Powered by Meaning). He accomplished his MSc Business Administration at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam in 2001. His life motto is: ‘we are the people we have been waiting for.’ He wants to use his set of talents to speed up meaningful initiatives to create a better world for the generation to come. Currently, Guido is back at Powered by Meaning, and is leading the Netherlands Circular Hotspot for Circle Economy.