Christiaan Kraaijenhagen

MSc and Innovation Strategist at Innoboost


Innoboost believes that the best way to innovate is to improve your customer’s experience. Our drive, is to leave people and planet better than we found them.
Christiaan was Executive Director (a.i.) of the Circle Economy, worked for Royal Philips in different Business, Marketing, Strategy, R&D, Manufacturing and Supply roles. During that period, he was (co-)leading two ventures and followed executive education programs at Insead and Stanford. After his master studies Industrial Engineering and Management Science, he worked as a Management Consultant at Berenschot, held management positions within Tata Steel and worked as a Strategy Consultant at Boer & Croon. Christiaan finished a postgraduate study in Change Management. He does social and sustainable voluntary work for schools, universities and local communities.

10-steps towards a Circular Business

He is an author of a book Circular Business. It offers a practical 10-step approach for professionals in small, medium-sized and large organisations on how to initiate, lead and execute from pilot to circular businesses. He reveals how successful circular businesses not only rethink product design, manufacturing processes and business models, but also – the most striking difference – how to approach collaboration.

10-steps towards a Circular Business

The Circular Business book shows you how to apply all these fruitful insights to your own organisation. In 10 practical steps, the book makes clear how you can realise successful circular businesses by experimenting with different revenue and business models, by overcoming internal and external obstacles and collaborating with partners and customers. This concise book will help you make another step towards the future of the circular economy.