Carlos Alvarez Pereira

President of the INNAXIS Foundation


Carlos created the Innaxis Foundation in 2006, a non-profit research institute promoting applications of complexity theory to the domains of transport, energy and life sciences, and ultimately to the paradigm shift towards socio-ecological sustainability. He is particularly interested in the role of science and technology in society and how it could evolve towards the co-creation of desirable futures, as the basis for the vision of “Digital for Life”, a new initiative to re-purpose digital technologies in sync with sustainability.

His entrepreneurial experience spans 25 years in IT consulting in Spain, Switzerland, France and Germany. He has also been a lecturer and researcher in Applied Mathematics at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM).

He is Full Member of the Club of Rome and Board Member of its Spanish Chapter, and has been during two terms Vice-President of the Spanish Fulbright Alumni Association.