Andrej Žižek

Research Associate, DOBA Business School


Andrej Žižek is an architect and research associate at DOBA Business School, working on education and research programs associated with Smart Cities and related emerging technologies. As a researcher he is involved in a unique international project dealing with management of global metropolitan centers. The project is concentrating on managing sustainability and on the role of water for development and survival of global megacities. Project partners are experts form Polytechnic Milan, MIT Metro Lab and other prominent education institutions from Europe and Latin America.

As an urban researcher he is focusing on progressive use of emerging technologies for urban research and urban sustainability. He is a co-author of Maribor’s Integrated Sustainable Urban Strategy, has worked on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans of four Slovenian municipalities. He is co-founder and member of Slovenian NVO’s working on urban and economic sustainability such as Tkalka Development Cooperative, Citilab Institute Maribor and others.