Dr Andrej Fištravec

Mayor of the Municipality of Maribor


Andrej Fištravec studied at the Faculty of Social Sciences, where he became a professor of sociology. Later, he also finished his Master’s studies at the same university and obtained his PhD in sociology at the Faculty of Arts in Maribor, where he worked as an assistant and professor for over a decade.

He was elected the substitutional mayor of Maribor in 2013, and then again in 2014 at the regular elections.

He is the initiator of circular economy activities in the Municipality of Maribor. Under his supervision the Municipality launched strategic project WCYCLE, which engages public utility companies of the city, such as Energetika, Snaga, Nigrad, Vodovod and Marprom in the transition from linear to circular business models. Thanks to WCYCLE the City of Maribor has identified and is currently working on 18 projects in the field of Circular Economy. One of the most crucial ones being the building of a new ‘sorting house’ – a plant for the treatment of mixed waste, which is being carried out by the local waste company Snaga.