Circular Change is a stakeholder engagement platform focusing on the Circular Economy. Our fundamental mission is to:

  • inform,
  • educate,
  • recognize leaders,
  • interpret best practice and
  • co-create pioneering case studies in the transition from linear to circular business models.

The Circular Change platform is a private nonprofit organization, collaborating with its strong network of international partners, in order to create a competence network to assist in a successful transition to the Circular Economy, embracing it’s economic, societal and environmental dimensions.

By doing so we are co-creating the conditions and concrete opportunities for more sustainable business future.

Rules of the Circular Change platform contain: “Principles, governance, advisory board protocol” – confirmed by Advisory Board on Constitutional Meeting in Ljubljana, August 31st, 2016.

»When you start implementing circular principles, you start learning. Step by step. Through cooperation and connectivity. The more cases we create, the more knowledge and experience we gain. Questions start getting answered. We are passionate about co-creating the conditions and concrete opportunities for what we consider to be good business in the near future.«

Ladeja Godina Košir MSc, Executive Director
Ladeja Godina Košir MSc, Executive DirectorFounder and Executive Director, Circular Change