Janez Potočnik

Janez Potočnik on the Circular Economy Part 3

In a four-part video series made up of short lessons, thoughts and insights, Janez Potočnik, the former European Commissioner for the Environment and president of the Advisory Board of Circular Change, explains

why changes in how we live and do business are imminent

In his view, the circular economy is the only way forward – and the best way forward, delivering new business opportunities and a new hope for the global environment. We, however, are still far from reaching this goal. International cooperation and wholesome policy packages will be necessary for changing hearts and habits. Only then can the 21st century become the century of sustainability, not fragility.

Part 3:

Collaborative policy-making can lead us towards a circular economy

We cannot achieve systemic change without adapting our policy approach to the needs of the circular economy. Overcoming today’s short-term mentality will be difficult, but not impossible, explains Janez Potočnik. Holistic policy packages that connect each and every stakeholder on all levels of governance, from the European to the local, can deliver a clear signal to the economy that the old ways of doing business are no longer viable.

For companies, the circular economy represents mainly new and exciting business opportunities.

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