Janez Potočnik on the Circular Economy Part 2

In a four-part video series made up of short lessons, thoughts and insights, Janez Potočnik, the former European Commissioner for the Environment and president of the Advisory Board of Circular Change, explains

why changes in how we live and do business are imminent.

In his view, the circular economy is the only way forward – and the best way forward, delivering new business opportunities and a new hope for the global environment. We, however, are still far from reaching this goal. International cooperation and wholesome policy packages will be necessary for changing hearts and habits. Only then can the 21st century become the century of sustainability, not fragility.

Part 2:

The solution is global and is in the hands of all our international partners

When asked what the trickiest part of the EU Commissioner for the Environment’s job is, Janez Potočnik says:

“Changing the mentality, changing the habits, going to the roots of the problem.”

The global economy has the potential to play a positive role in the fight against climate change, however companies and policy-makers must focus on building a circular economy. This requires a shift in the way we think about production, consumption and waste: from linear to circular! Watch the interview with the Xinhua correspondent Miao Xiaojuan to learn how the EU is responding to the global environmental challenges, which policies can be used for enabling a circular transition and what role will the European-Chinese partnership play in achieving a sustainable future for all.

To learn more and avoid missing any of the four parts, visit our website frequently and become part of our vision for a circular future!

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  1. Katrin
    Katrin says:

    Got to like this guy and his explanation about the global environmental problems and solutions. I like all 4 parts of this video series. Thanx


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