DAY 1, 10th May 2018

Božidar Jakac Art Museum

Grajska cesta 45

8311 Kostanjevica na Krki

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DAY 2, 11th May 2018

Puppet Theatre Maribor

Vojašniški trg 2a

2000 Maribor

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Božidar Jakac Art Museum was established in 1974 in order to upgrade regular cultural activities taking place in Kostanjevica na Krki, most especially in the field of visual art. The Museum is the legal successor of Dolenjska Cultural Festival, as is its activities and property (art collections). It covers the visual art of a wide area which is composed of Bela Krajina, Dolenjska and Posavje.

Božidar Jakac Art Museum is one of the largest in Slovenia due to the size of its exhibiting area, presented material and fine art collection. Its permanent exhibitions present works of Slovene Expressionist painters, while temporary exhibitions cover the work of the most important contemporary artists from Slovenia and abroad. Annual programmes of Božidar Jakac Art Museum are determined in cooperation with other Visual Art Institutions who work on national as well as international level.  An important segment of the Museum’s activities is its successful collaboration with neighbouring Croatia. Božidar Jakac Art Museum is an indispensable agent in the development of Kostanjevica na Krki Municipality.

Puppet Theatre Maribor was founded in 1973 when two amateur theatres joined forces – the Puppet Theatre KUD Jože Hermanko Maribor and the Small Puppet Theatre DPD Svoboda Pobrežje. In the autumn of 2010, the theatre moved into the newly renovated building of the Minorite monastery on Lent, allowing the theatre with its expanded artistic ensemble and top-notch professional team to reinvent itself and expand its programme with additional support from the Municipality of Maribor.

One season brings six premieres, all linked up to form a conceptual unity. Age has been carefully factored in, as the plays do not address only children – the theatre’s most numerous guests – but young people and adults as well. The repertoire constantly examines and explores the art of puppetry and fuses classical puppet technology with modern approaches.  Apart from regular productions, the theatre also offers a wide variety of additional art education activities and carries out innovative projects. Since 1990, the Puppet Theatre Maribor organizes The Summer Puppet Pier, a popular international puppet festival, and since 2011 offers a high quality platform for a permanent realization of the main national puppetry festival founded in 2001, the Biennial of Puppetry Artists of Slovenia.

Kostanjevica na Krki is a picturesque town, situated on an artificial island on the Krka River. It is the smallest Slovenian town and has been proclaimed a cultural monument. The name of the town derives from the word »kostel« that denotes a fortified church with an encampment. The settlement was first mentioned as a market as early as 1091 and according to written documents gained the status of a town in 1252. The most important historical sight on the island is the Parish Church of St. Jacob. The most significant sight off the island is a former Cistercian monastery founded in 1234. It is one of the most important cultural monuments in Slovenia and famous for its 260 arches that embrace the monastery yard, one of the largest of its kind in Europe. Today, the monastery is home to the Božidar Jakac Gallery and Technical Museum of Slovenia (Technical Museum) which houses a permanent collection of wine trade and wine making.

Maribor is the second largest city in the Republic of Slovenia and is situated in Styria, in the north-eastern part of the country. It is only 18 km away from the Austrian border, and for centuries has been an important junction between the north and the south, as well as between Eastern and Western Europe. A stroll around the city reveals numerous landmarks, among them the fascinating Old Vine that grows in the picturesque old part of the city called Lent. More than 400 years old it is the only plant that can boast its own museum, the Old Vine House.

Maribor is situated at the foot of the wooded Pohorje mountain range, offering unique opportunities for a relaxing retreat in nature. Ski lovers will enjoy Pohorje’s ski slopes, on the very spot skiing’s World Cup for women takes place every year in an exciting competition for the Golden Fox.