International training and education programme enabling participants for the transition to the Circular Economy and organisations to circular business model transformation


Circular Change Academy is an education and training programme intended to a closed-number of participants and laid out in three modules. It is organised by Circular Change and initially carried out in Ljubljana in cooperation with other interested parties. The programme includes an international faculty of lecturers and the engagement of competence partners (i. e.: research institutes, companies sharing best practices…). The programme design is easily adapted to any industry specific business environment or another socioeconomic context.
The principal goal of the CC Academy 2017 is to support managers, experts and other professionals to successfully engage with circular transformation challenges. Specifically, the programme is designed to enable the participants to select the right targets in circular transformation and set up, equip and implement  projects in their organisations which are directly related to the transition to the Circular Economy principles.

The curse is intended to every professional who is interested and possibly involved in a transition to the Circular Economy, in the organisations in which they work or with whom they area associated; being as consultants, researchers, experts, expert team members or leaders, managers, executives and policy makers.
Typical participants of the CC Academy are senior representatives from company clusters from the industries that advance in circular transition, and other stakeholders, involved in strategic innovation and development  partnerships and collaboration programmes.



Introduction into
the circular business future:

What’s in it for me?

Based on lecture by Janez Potočnik

Key topics:

Opportunities, needs and challenges on a way towards circular business future:

  • Circular Economy in a nutshell
  • What is in it for me and my company
  • Stakeholders mapping for a successful start
  • First steps for “circular journey”

Participants gain a holistic view over the challenge of the circular transition and a need for systemic approach. Practical guidelines for the start of “circular journey” will be defined.

Duration: ½ day workshop

Summer Module:
Thursday, 24 August 2017
Ljubljana: 14:00 – 17:00



Business models redesign and transformation management:

Key Lecturer Christiaan Kraaijenhagen, Innoboost

Key topics:
· Business models redesign: the development and set-up a business model transformation process
· Sustainability and circular change
· The art of collaboration
· Framing the pilot project
· Transformation programme framework
· Mentoring and Coaching

Optional: Business model redesign: circular workshop

Participants co-create inputs for their pilot project(s). Potential areas of collaboration are defined. The end result is a concrete circular transformation draft framework, ready for implementation.

Duration: 1 day workshop



Implementing circular transformation: innovation, continuous improvement and stakeholder engagement

Key topics:
· Implementation plan; new organisation design organisation and resources management; Designing an implementation scorecard;
· Circular Innovation: creating and managing innovation environment
· Leadership for change
· Stakeholder relations management
· Mentoring and Coaching

Bonus topics – industry-specific

Optional: Sustainability Reporting and its implementation as a tool for continuous improvement and stakeholders engagement;

Participants focus on transforming early results of the pilot project(s) in their organisations into lasting organisational process of learning and transformation.

Duration: 2 day workshop




At the end of the second module participants will receive a certificate of completion, which allows them to enrol in the third module.
Participants who will successfully complete all three modules, receive a Circular Change Academy Diploma.