3 videos to help you understand the food waste dilemma

A series of videos have been released by the Golisano Institute for Sustainability (Rochester Institute of Technology) for this year’s Disruptive Innovation Festival. The festival is an online, open access event that invites thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, businesses, makers and learners to explore the question “The economy is changing – what do I need to know, experience and do?

These three videos explore the current problems and challenges faced by the waste production of the food industry – a problem that causes over a billion tons of food waste to end up in landfills every year around the world.

Even though they make clear that the food waste impact is alarming, the videos also lay out more than just the problem. They also propose smart solutions to turn this situation around, running from changing the way we consume food products to the way we collect food waste and the technologies we can use in order to transform waste into valuable products and even clean energy.

1| The Food Waste Dilemma


2| Understanding and Reducing Food Waste

3| Food Waste Reduction Technologies

The organisers of DIF 2016 are the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Stage, Headline Stage, Big Top Tents, and Open Mic. For more information visit the festival site here.

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  1. Bab Angel
    Bab Angel says:

    Sorry @Lund Freddie. Sloppy reading. It is called expiration date. 😉
    When there is a nice discount I always check the expiration date. Buying on a nice discount is always a risk. Chances are of losing money not saving it.

  2. Lund Freddie
    Lund Freddie says:

    Fair price – fair quality I’d say. I want perfect (fresh) fruit for a full price. In or local market meet is being sold with discount one day before out of date. Bought it few times and it always smell bad. Gave it to my dog. At least he was happy.

  3. Richie Ban
    Richie Ban says:

    OLIO is a free app connecting people with their neighbours and with local shops so surplus food and other items can be shared, not thrown away.

    If you love food, hate waste, care about the environment or want to connect with your community, OLIO is for you.

  4. Thomas Top
    Thomas Top says:

    There are lots of good food redistribution programs in Italia, Germania, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Belgium, all over Europe. Organizations share surplus food with schools, lest fortunate, … Not so bad.

  5. Ben Tha Kid
    Ben Tha Kid says:

    And as always ordinary people should do something. Big cooperations – the guilty ones – no-one is mentioning them. They can do what they want.

  6. The Thinker
    The Thinker says:

    Well, it did happen to me in a restaurant, they did want to serve to me an old, nicely dry bread once. Maybe they were circular revolutionaries.

  7. Sabine Widlock
    Sabine Widlock says:

    In the perfect world, we would all have food and place to sleep. Big companies are the one we should point the finger on. They prefer to thrash than sell cheap.

  8. Nohem Mayeski
    Nohem Mayeski says:

    Really makes my head spinning. I don’t think I throw so much away. The biggest problems are restaurants and markets.

  9. Christiana Ayre
    Christiana Ayre says:

    Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a completely different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Wonderful choice of colors!


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