We attended the Re-turn to the tap conference in Athens: City of Ljubljana presented as best practice

“Everything we get from fossil fuels, we could also get from a tree”:

Workshop on guidance on cascading use of woody biomass by the European Commission

Niko Korpar presented CC’s work and activities related to linking bioeconomy and circular economy at the Workshop on Non-binding guidance on cascading use of woody biomass in Brussels, 13th of April. The workshop, organised by DG Growth joined together representatives from the wood industry, public institutions, researchers and NGO’s to discuss what recommendations should be given to the Commission for upcoming legislation on bioeconomy that is part of the Circular Economy Action Plan for Europe. 

Woody biomass as a key resource in several European countries that are also the leaders in developing circular bioecomomy projects, such as Finland, Norway, Sweden. Several cutting edge companies, such as Borregard, the world leader in producing lignin, were introduced, followed by interactive sessions and discussions on the future of the paper and pulp industry, biorefineries and regional systems for handlinh wood waste. 

The issue is especially interesting for our home country, which also produces large amounts of woody biomass. Both SRIP’s – Circular Economy Action Plan and the upcoming Roadmap: towards the Circular Economy in Slovenia feature sections on wood and recommend the further development of technologies and processes to create innovative new materials, new value chains and new products from wood-based compounds. 

The attendees concluded the workshop by stressing out 1) the importance of the systemic approach to cascading use 2) that every partner in the value chain plays a key role 3) collaboration is key for success 4) that the wood sector has a wonderful story to tell and should focus on informing the public about the benefits of wood-based value chains.

50th Anniversary of the Club of Rome: Circular Change in attendance

The Club of Rome is one of the most respected and renowned institutions arguing for global sustainability. Ever since it’s ground-breaking report Limits to Growth, which introduced systems thinking to the world, the Club of Rome has been a key voice raising concerns to our wasteful economic system and alarming the public of the damaging impact to the environment and society it produces. 

On April 7th 2018, exactly 50 years after the founding date of the Club of Rome, 100 members, friends and guests came together in Winterthur, Switzerland, to celebrate this special occasion. Ladeja Godina Košir, Director of Circular Change was invited to join on our organisation’s behalf, which speaks volumes of the respect we managed to gain in the international community through hard work and dedication to making a difference. Together the attendees discussed the future development of the Club of Rome, the ways to include the young, the systemic change to addressing key future challenges and about what Club of Rome’s mission means in today’s day and age. 

Among the participants were inspiring individuals, such as Dr. Anders Wijkman and Prof. Ernst U. von Weizsäcker, Co-Presidents of the Club of Rome, Masamichi Kono, Deputy Secretary General of the OECD, Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri, former chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and many others. 

We are especially proud to announce that a Member of the Executive Committee of the Club of Rome and the Founder and President of the Innaxis Foundation & Research Institute Mr. Carlos Alvarez-Pereira will attend the 3rd International Circular Change Conference, where he will host a workshop on the connection between digital technologies, especially blockchain, and circular ecomomy. 

Some photos of the event as well as selected news reporting on homepage of CLUB OF ROME. 

The opening speaker, Club of Rome member Dr. Mamphele Ramphele, who was, unfortunately, unable to attend –  her video message with the keynote speech she had intended to deliver at the beginning of the ceremony here.

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