• Connecting the right dots

    Stakeholder orchestration is what we do best: encouraging international collaboration, networking, and new partnerships through our extensive network of members, supporters, mentors, and friends.

  • Developing circular economy business models

    We help businesses make the transition from linear to circular through mutual collaboration, lectures, and sharing of the best practices.

  • Co-organising events

    Since 2015, we gave keynote speeches, moderated panel discussions, led workshops and co-organized more than 80 events all over the world: Ljubljana, Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Riyadh, Davos, Helsinki, Bratislava, Sarajevo, Sao Paolo, Trieste…

  • A partner of the Slovenian government

    We work with public institutions and serve as a competence center for providing expertise, analysis, and developing communicational strategies. Circular Change is one of the partners of the pioneering project Roadmap: Transitioning from a Linear to Circular Economy in Slovenia.

  • Strategic partnerships

    We help companies launch exciting new circular projects through strategic long-term partnerships that feature consulting services, educational activities, finding international partners, market development, forming communication plans, etc.

  • Raising awareness

    All our activities and services contribute to raising awareness of the circular economy on the regional level, increasing media exposure, and changing the values and habits of citizens.